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Post  trainort on Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:41 pm

I've been doing a little research on database options and it appears that the open source MySQL, version 5.0, is a stable and free platform we can build Starium XCV on. It is universally offered by all of the Web hosting services and there is a lot of online technical support. Jim has asked if it can support the 40,000 or more star system references we will need to populate a galaxy. In database lingo a record is a row and a quick Web serach on MySQL rows limits indicate there should be no problem:


Maximum rows in a MySQL table!?

I don't think there's a limit on the number of rows you can have in a MySQL table, unless you exceed the hardware capacity.


I am working with startup company.
Have some quries about Mysql

1. What is the maximum database storage capacity of mysql
2. What is the maximum row capacity?
3. How much time it will take to search the record if there are consider more than 1 billion rows in a table
4. How many records can i store in a single table.

Please help me.


RE: Mysql database capacity
Hi Vishwas

These and many other answers can be found here :

There is no practical limitation on the row size apart from the number
of fields x the size of these fields. eg. 1000 fields of varchar(255) or
larger will take up that space. I don't know your table description so
can't say.

I have referenced the version 5.0 manual as I'm not sure of your
version. How long to search a record in 1 billion rows? That is very
much dependent on how you are searching, which index you are using etc.
It could take as little as .01 of a second if you use the primary key to
access the record directly.

For the number of records, it is dependent on the size of the record.
Unfortunately there is very little information in your email to be able
to make a judgement. I would suggest you see the limitations in the url
above and divide your record size into that.

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