Space Battle Program Development

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Space Battle Program Development

Post  trainort on Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:06 am

Draft #1 - We have to start somewhere

1. Program description: battle algorithm that runs selected fleets (attacker & defender) thru 10 rounds of fighting to compute winner, draw or complete annihilation of both fleets.
2. Error checking:
• Is the fleet/army still there?
• Is the target in the same location as the active game piece?
• Are you the owner of this game piece?
• Does this leader exist?
• Can this leader perform an action?
• Can this game piece move due to leader actions?
• Is attacker fleet destroyed? include leader and delete fleet
• Is defender fleet destroyed? include leader and delete fleet
3. Identification of program modules that use the code
• Home module
• Space Battle Module
4. Identification of tables that are used for input or get updated
• Ship (U)
• Fleet (U)
• Leader (U)
5. Screen layout of display results (Art Director needs to be included)
6. Identification of reports/emails that are generated (Art Director needs to be included)
7. Royalty points assigned (2*)

1. Internal Documentation
• Authors: Jim Landes & Tim Trainor
• Purpose (note: program description from design goes here)
• Start Date: June 1, 2012
• Release Date
• Initial royalty value: 2*
• Each update after release
o Author
o Date
• All subroutines identified with comments
• Descriptive variable names
2. External Documentation
• Variable dictionary (in alphabet order by field/class name)
o JavaScript
o Php
o HTML 5
• Program Flow diagram
• Procedure or Object dictionary
• Testing Q/A log
• Standards definitions (naming conventions)
• Visualization Flow diagram

Program Testing
1. Programmer first test for use.
2. QA Alpha test.
3. QA Final Test

System Testing
1. QA Alpha test.
2. QA Final Test

1. Royalty points awarded and posted
2. Backup and master copy

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Re: Space Battle Program Development

Post  Jim on Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:05 pm

Add to that

Update data to attacker and Defender
if attacker fleet destroyed (include leader).. delete fleet
if defender fleet destroyed (include leader).. delete fleet

Post results to defender via PM
post results to attacker via PM and screen results.

Chance of Wreckage created.

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