June 21 Collaboration Session - MCC Room L167/L169 @ 9a

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June 21 Collaboration Session - MCC Room L167/L169 @ 9a Empty June 21 Collaboration Session - MCC Room L167/L169 @ 9a

Post  trainort on Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:12 pm

The full team goes over this week's artwork, Moodle (http://www.digitalhicks.com/stariumxcv/login) demo, Art team gets their Moodle username & password and we talk about what we would like to accomplish by the end of August. This includes a walk through of the Starium XCV Reference Core--http://www.digitalhicks.com/stariumxcv/referencecore

Coders break out:
1. Pick-up NDA and questionnaire; answer questions
2. Pass out independent contractor agreement and discuss
3. Talk about Development Forum at http://stariumxcv.forumotion.com
4. Start initial program design discussion that is language independent
- modular approach to program design
- screen sizes and how we can accommodate them
- version control
- build & issue management
- security issues
5. Intro to Git and xampp and what to bring next week when we install them.

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